Business Case Study


Hi I’m in my 50s and I own a printing business.

What are the services you engage SingCapital?
For business insurance, I bought a print shop policy, which covers our factory for theft, fire, work man compensation and hospitalisation. Whenever my staff need to go for any medical procedure, I would direct them to approach Alex directly with the claims process. I can be relaxed knowing that there is someone I trust to assist them.

What are some things you like about SingCapital?
“I am very new to SingCapital, but I had a Zoom meeting with SingCapital CEO’s Alfred, to discuss using my excess funds to invest in a commercial unit. It was an 1-hour discussion and I gathered deeper insights on property investment. It was a huge surprise that SingCapital helped me in this regard. Most financial consultantss do not have expertise on property”

What are some things you like about Alex?
About 5 years ago, I started to take care of an old man, who had signed the LPA with my father. My husband and I helped my father to take care of this man. When Alex heard about this, he asked us if the man had an Eldershield policy. We had no idea, so Alex approached every single insurance company to find out if this man held a policy with them, and managed to locate it. He helped us to apply for and obtain an additional $300 to help with this man’s expenses. What Alex did was of no benefit to him, but he did his utmost to help us anyway.
Over the last 10 years, I have seen how seriously he takes his job, how much faith he puts in insurance, and how he has helped his customers with their claims. That is not strictly the job of a financial consultants but it shows his dedication to his clients. This is why I trust him.