Business Loan & Business Insurance

When capital and cash flow run tight in the company, a business loan may be the right step to giving the company a boost.

But instead of preparing the necessary documents, choosing the right loan, searching for the best interest rate, and thoroughly understanding how banks will assess your capacity to pay, many business owners simply apply for a loan after looking at 2 or 3, and hope that the loan is approved.

Without a thorough analysis of the risk that you may be taking, a business loan that was supposed to give you a boost could turn into the final straw.

Don’t let that happen by engaging a SingCapital Financial Consultant. More than ensuring that you are prepared to take a loan, we are also able to work out concrete plans to pay off this and any other loans, slowly but surely building your business again.

Strategise and manage your credit risk with a SingCapital Financial Consultant today.

No matter what business you are in, business insurance helps to protect against losses and allows the business to continue operating.

SingCapital Financial Consultants can direct you through the various business insurance options and give your company a well-rounded protection against future threats, liabilities and risks. We ensure that you are shielded against contingencies with the following:

All Risks Insurance
Indemnify against accidental physical loss of or damage to your property insured, which may include furniture, fixtures & fittings, equipment, stock in trade, as well as plate glass.

Consequential Loss Insurance
Compensates for financial losses in the event of interruption or interference to your business as a result of the closure of the whole premises resulting from loss covered under All Risks section.

Work Injury Compensation Insurance
Indemnity in respect to medical leave wages, medical and hospital fees and compensation for permanent disability.

Money Insurance
Indemnify the loss of money whilst in transit anywhere in Singapore or when it is kept within your business premises. In addition, the cover can be extended to include money kept in proprietor’s/ partner’s/ director’s residence and damage to locked drawers, safes or cash registers due to theft or attempted theft.

Personal Accident Insurance
24-hour worldwide protection on the life of the proprietor/ partner(s)/ director(s) against death or permanent disablement including medical expenses incurred in the event of an accident.

Public Liability Insurance
Indemnify your legal liability for accidental bodily injury or property damage to a third party in connection with your business.

Goods-In-Transit Insurance
Insures against loss of or damage to insured property caused by any fire or explosion, overturning or derailment of land conveyance, collision or contact of conveyance with any external object whilst in the course of transit by any vehicle owned by or hired by you.

Legal Expenses Insurance
Reimburse legal expenses incurred with our written consent in the pursuit or defence of legal actions in connection with your business.