Case Studies

Hi, I’m Goh. In my 40s, working in the tech sector. Currently single.
I lead a pretty modest lifestyle. I don’t own a car. I have a motorbike, which helps me get around and is also very cost efficient. I love the outdoors and travelling, and I like to hike, particularly in countries where there is wonderful scenery, and where I can treat myself to nice experiences, and bring my family along.

I look forward to having a comfortable retirement and a good quality of life, by having enough money to indulge in things that I care about, and not having to worry about what happens if I fall sick.

How has SingCapital helped you?
What I know about Singcapital is what I see through Wendy.
They are very efficient in executing transactions when decisions are made, and I think that is a good reflection of the firm’s commitment to support their advisors and focus on the customers’ needs

During Covid, when meetups were much more difficult, the firm provided ways for me to meet with Wendy and to formalise agreements that we made, in a way that was accountable, auditable and in line with the laws and regulations.

What are your biggest challenge?
One of my biggest challenges was trying to understand financial markets and products. There are just so many of them out there, and you can make a lot of costly mistakes if you go into the market without adequate research and expertise. Having someone who has experience, brings me a lot of comfort.

What do you like about Wendy?
The beauty about Wendy is that she doesn’t throw technical terms at me. She is transparent, she uses layman terms to explain how products or plans work, she listens intently, and she asks questions about what I want to achieve. Even when I was not clear on my goals, she understood that it needed time to crystalise, and she gave me the impression that she was willing to work with me, through my life cycle.

Wendy is very serious about her job, very serious about helping her clients succeed, and she has innate passion about it. As my financial consultants, I’ve seen how she has helped me achieve my retirement goals, financial goals, while remaining very transparent about the products she recommends, the returns and the feed. And I can see it from my account. It is doing very well, with the more than 20% growth over the years.

Hi, I’m Jiang and this is my wife Ling. We are newly wed . We met in church, and we knew each other for 7 years before we got married.

One of our goals is to be able to upgrade our property, and own multiple properties in future. Outside of work, we spend the most time in our home with our family, so our house needs to be big and comfortable. Hopefully one day we can even get a landed property, with a big garden.

We also hope to have a good comfortable retirement and we can maintain our standard of living and travel the world.

What were some of your biggest challenges in financial planning?
My biggest challenge is that I’m not very good at math, and I’m not very sensitive to numbers. When we decided to get married and start a family, it got me thinking that I would need some help to get my finances in order, for the sake of my wife.

How has your advisor helped you?
Before we met Eric, we did not know that there were so many types of insurance. He explained it to us very systematically, to help us understand the importance of different types of coverage.

Like for our hospitalisation plan, we would have chosen the cheapest one thinking it would cover everything. With Eric’s advice, we weighed our needs and chose the coverage that was most suitable for us. It’s not the most expensive one but we know it is the right choice for us.

In the past, I kept my money in the bank with low interest rates, and bought into an endowment plan that locked my money up for 10 years. Now, we invest through a regular savings plan, or RSP, managed by Eric. This gives us a lot more flexibility, and peace of mind, knowing that someone I trust is taking care of my investments. So I know that I can just focus on my family, and focus on my work.

Eric is like a financial mentor and a life mentor to us. He even shares his own marriage and life experiences, from how he got his first home to renovation tips. He is like a friend to us.