Fair Dealing

At SingCapital, we are committed to the prescribed Five MAS Fair Dealing outcomes set out in the Financial Advisers Act Guidelines 11 (FAA-G11).

  1. The Board and Management of SingCapital builds the Company’s policies, systems and work processes with the primary objective that our market and business conduct achieve the fair dealing outcomes for you, the client.
  2. Products are suitable for you, the client. At SingCapital, products are assessed to be suitable you before our Financial Consultants recommend the product to you. Your financial needs and objectives are assessed methodologically to ensure that your financial needs are met.
  3. All our Financial Consultants undergo training regularly to upgrade their product knowledge and technical expertise.
  4. You are rest assured that the necessary disclosures of financial products are explained fully to you and that you understand them. Investment performances are communicated to you on regular basis. We have processes in place for clients whom the English language is not their forte.
  5. SingCapital has an independent Compliance Department to ensure that the Company is in line with the relevant Acts, Notices and regulations. All feedback and complaints are dealt with in accordance to our complaints handling process.

We have extensive partnerships with banks, law firms, insurance companies, investment platforms and professional firms, offering wide range of financial solutions and services.

Download the SingCapital Financial Advisor Disclosure below: