Home Insurance

Depending on the type of home contents insurance that you have bought, you may or may not be able to claim the full amount of damages incurred. To ensure a piece of mind, here at SingCapital, we work with various insurance companies to ensure that we have home insurance plans that best covers your home insurance needs at the most affordable costs.

Home Content Insurance

A home is supposed to be a haven of security, comfort and tranquility; but have you spared a thought about what would happen if things go wrong?

Imagine the following:

  • You return home one day to find your door jammed, your sinks choked, the pipes leaking and a termite infestation;
  • You are watching “Transformers” on television when your kitchen explodes because your maid has carelessly left the gas on; or
  • You wake up on Sunday morning to discover that flood waters have seeped into the ground floor of your 3-storey detached house, and your children are happily swimming in the living room amidst your floating leather sofa sets, teak wood cabinets and Hi-Fi system.

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