Mortgage Planning

The best mortgage for you might not be the best mortgage for the someone else. Everyone has different goals when it comes to property ownership and thus might be looking for different mixes of factors and risks when they attempt to find the best mortgage for their needs.

Finding the right mortgage requires that you ask and answer the right questions. Some key factors to think about when choosing the right mortgage loan:

  1. Lowest Interest Rate
  2. Paying off the mortgage loan within the shortest period of time
  3. Lowest monthly mortgage repayment cost

At SingCapital, we work with various banks to help you source the most suitable loan package that best fits your needs on a referral basis.



Achieving our dream home

I would like to compliment Alex Wong from SingCapital who has assisted us in getting our loan approved with Standard Chartered bank. His prompt and efficient follow up have made the application a smooth one despite the 1st round of unsuccessful application.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank Alex Wong for helping us to be able to buy our dream home which matters so much to us and for our son’s education path with a good school around that property which we purchased.

Ms Emelind Cai
Advisor: Alex Wong

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