Professional Indemnity Insurance Schemes (PII)

If you’re a Real Estate Salesperson, your clients rely on you for more than just advice; they also trust you to fulfil certain responsibilities including Fiduciary Duty, Disclosure, Confidentiality, Care and Accountability. The job is tougher than simply looking for properties to buy, sell and rent.

With the number of responsibilities increasing, you would also have a higher chance of making a mistake, even when you’re working at your best. But what can you do if you made a mistake and your client threatens to sue?

It’s with this scenario in mind that the Estate Agents Act requires all estate agents and salespersons to be covered under Professional Indemnity Insurance (PII). PII protects against claims arising from negligent acts, errors, and omissions or breaches of professional duty committed during the performance of professional services.

The Council for Estate Agencies has put up a table of minimum requirements on its website, and has also named SingCapital as one of the few appointed brokers that real estate agents and salespersons may approach to obtain their PII.

Protect yourself and your professional reputation.

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Professional Indemnity (PI) Insurance For ISCA Members

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