Comprehensive Financial Planning

Whether you are earning a hundred dollars a month, or hundreds of thousands of dollars an hour, financial planning is crucial. And it’s not true that only the rich need to plan, or that you’ll have to automatically tighten your budget, or that it’s a tedious and difficult process.

You’ll need to learn a few new things, make a few possibly difficult decisions, but nothing is more important than being financially free – you can’t be successful and happy when you are struggling with bad financial decisions. Allocating enough for your home, your children’s education, your retirement and for your financial independence involve decisions that you need to get right.

When it comes to finances, having a Financial Consultant will help you to clarify if your money is working for you, and whether it’s working hard enough. Allow us to bring you through a comprehensive financial health check-up, and to work with you to put things in the right places for your future growth. In other words, financial planning is the solid foundation that needs to be built before moving into investments or insurance planning.

We believe in empowerment – help us to empower you.


A life journey together for the next generation!

Eric has guided me in retirement planning and protecting my family. With his help, I have started my children on a journey of financial planning.

Eric cares for the next generation and mentors them on financial matters. Retirement planning is not only about us, but also our children’s welfare when we stop work.

Mr Too Shiun Jye, Director
Advisor: Eric Lee

Financial Mentor to My Family

李先生(Eric Lee)是我的老朋友,也是我生命中的导师。我们在80年代认识,我1985年结婚时 Eric 是我的婚礼策划人,帮我处理了许多琐碎的大事小事,让我顺利完成了难忘的婚礼。几十 年来 Eric 的家庭成员和我的家庭成员也成了好朋友。 Eric 进入金融服务业时,我的孩子们刚好陆续完成学业进入职场,我本身的财政状况也比较稳 定。

通过 Eric 的分析和解释,我和太太都能够更好的规划我们的财务。之后我要求 Eric 向我的 三个孩子讲解初入职场的财务规划,Eric 不厌其烦的与他们一一深谈,为每个孩子量身打造了 不同的规划方案,孩子们也都接受并采纳了 Eric 的财政方案。

过去十多年我和我的家庭成员在财务处理方面都非常顺利,虽然我们只是小康之家,但财务上 可说是高枕无忧,从未有任何烦恼。Eric 也常以世界经济的走势给我们宝贵的建议,优化我们 的财务规划。 我们谨此向 Eric 与他的金融公司致万分谢意。

Mr Chua Thow Chiang, Web Services Director
蔡淘璋先生, 网络服务经理
Advisor: Eric Lee

Enriching my financial journey

Actually, I was quite reluctant to meet him, thinking that he was one of those insurance agents. However, it was not what I initially thought it to be. In fact, I have gained valuable information after that.

Ms Yvonne Toh, Purchaser
Advisor: Shawn Yap

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