Data Protection Policy

In accordance to the Personal Data Protection Policy (PDPA) 2012, herewith sets the Company’s Data Protection Policy.

1. Data Protection Officer (“DPO”)
The Business Contact Information (“BCI”) of the DPO for ensuring compliance with the PDPA is as follow:

Main Contact
Name: Justin Koh
Designation: Data Protection Officer
Contact No: 6801 4088

2. Collection of Personal Data

2.1 Financial Adviser Act (‘FA Act’)
We are a licensed Financial Adviser by the Monetary Authority of Singapore (‘MAS’) to provide advice on life policies (Insurance and Collective Investment Schemes) and General Insurance. Under the FAA we are obligated to collect your personal data which includes but not limited to your personal details, investment objective, financial health and particular needs. These information will be the basis upon which advice is given. It is very important for you to provide complete and accurate information so that our Financial Consultant can analyse your financial needs and make recommendations that suit your objectives.

2.2 Usage of our website
In the event that we receive personal information through this website, we will only use it to deliver the information you have requested.

This site does not automatically capture personal information, other than logging the user’s IP address and session information such as the duration of the visit and the type of browser used. This is only used for system administration and to provide site statistics.

For personal data transmitted through this website, while we take reasonable steps to ensure security, by accepting terms and conditions you accept that the Internet is not a totally secure medium of communication of information and that such transmission will be at your own risk.

Personal data held by SingCapital relating to you will be kept confidential and will only be used in accordance with product and service conditions.

2.3 Examples of how we collect personal data include
– When you complete our Company internal forms;
– When you register for our Company events;
– When we take photos of you during our Company events;
– When you submit an enquiry through our website;
– When you are captured on our CCTVs upon entering our office premises;
– When you correspond with our Financial Consultants or Staff;
– When you submit a job application to join us as an employee or financial
– When you complete feedback forms after our events such as seminars
or training courses;
– When you sign up for our training courses;
– When someone refers you to us with your consent.

3. Use of your Personal Data
Generally your Personal Data is used as follows:
– By Financial Consultants to assess your financial needs and objectives;
– Compliance with other relevant laws or authorities;
– Facilitating the processing of claims;
– Our internal administrative processes;
– Obtaining reference checks prior to your employment with us.
– Processing your application for a job with us;
– Resolve complaints;
– To complete product provider’s application forms;
– To send you invites to our seminars, talks or training;

4. Disclosure of your Personal Data
Please note that in accordance to the FA Act, your personal data needs to be kept confidential and not disclosed to unauthorized parties. However, subject to other relevant laws and the provision of our services and products, your personal data may be disclosed as follows:
– Our Business Partners;
– Our related corporations;
– Between relevant departments in the Company;
– Regulatory bodies;
– In the event of a dispute, to relevant parties such as lawyers or dispute resolution centres such as the Financial Industry Disputes Resolution Centre Ltd (FIDREC);
– Any relevant parties that you have authorized us to disclose to.

5. Consent
The Company would require your consent before we can use your personal data for a specified purpose. If you have sent an enquiry via our “Contact us” page you would have been deemed to have consent us to contact you with regards to your query.

6. Access, Withdrawal and Correction
You can request information about the ways your personal data has been used or disclosed in the past year and if required, to correct an error or omission of your personal data.

To access or withdraw your personal data – Please attention your request to the DPO and allow us 30 calendar days to complete to your request.

To correct your personal data:
a. For existing clients – Please contact your Financial Consultant who will assist you to correct your personal data.
b. For non-existing clients – Please attention your request to the DPO and allow us 30 calendar days to complete your request.

7. Links to other websites
SingCapital website may contain links to other websites. SingCapital is not responsible for the data protection or privacy policy of these other websites.